Aerial Application. Aerial Seeding. Aerial Fire Fighting.

At Farr Air, safety is number one - the safety of our food supply, our customers and our communities. That's why when you deal with Farr Air, you are dealing with more than just skilled pilots. We are authorized applicators, highly trained professionals operating safe, well-maintained aircraft that meet strict calibration requirements. We are well versed in the proper use of pesticides and other crop inputs, and are trained to be alert to subtle climactic conditions, which means application is always safe and effective.

At Farr Air, we provide:

  • Aerial application of fungicides, insecticides and preharvest glyphosate/ dessication
  • Aerial seeding
  • Aerial fire fighting


Nothing but the best

We understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency, that's why each Farr Air aircraft is equipped with GPS guidance systems and flow control to ensure accuracy and safety. We use ASC Rotary Atomizer nozzles to provide superior coverage for application of fungicides and insecticides and we use CP Flat Fan nozzles for application of preharvest glyphosate/ dessication.

We do everything efficiently, but more importantly, as safely as possible because at Farr Air, that's our number one priority.